Your Elevator Speech

Your 30-Second Elevator Speech: Make It Happen


How many times has someone asked you, “So, what do you do?”  It’s a common question that people ask each other all the time. Social interactions often provide opportunities to leave a lasting impression.  A good elevator speech can alleviate the pressure of not knowing how to respond.


An elevator speech (or pitch) is a 30-second speech that markets you as an individual, highlights your fabulous qualities, and showcases your unique accomplishments.


What makes a good elevator speech?  One that answers the following questions:

1)     Who are you?

2)     What do you do best?

3)     How have you made an impact?

4)     What sets you apart from the competition?

5)     What are you seeking?


(“Raise Your Job Prospects With an Elevator Speech”


Elevator Speech Example:


Hi, I’m Jane Smith and I help mentally ill adults improve their quality of life.  I recently helped 16 adults move into independent living situations and launched an innovative exercise program for 30+ patients.  I am also working on my master’s in Mental Health Counseling and seeking new opportunities to promote mental and physical well-being. 


Write and practice your elevator speech today.   Just think, what if you suddenly met that key person who was in a position to hire you for your dream job?  Don’t miss your big chance to shine!


“I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.”
Denzel Washington


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