Build Your Internal Network

It can be as simple as sitting with a new group in the cafeteria, joining a new committee, or getting involved in volunteer activities at work.  Through building your internal network. you get to know key people in your organization.  Other benefits include building your reputation, gaining visibility, and being in the loop when new opportunities arise.


Below are some tips to keep in mind as you expand your internal network:


1) Be Prepared:  When you meet new collleagues, introduce yourself and have good, thoughtful questions for them.  If possible, learn about individuals ahead of time so conversation flows easily. 


2) You Get What You Give:  Be ready to give back to the person who takes time to meet with you.  Send a thank you email or share an interesting article.


3)  Develop a Positive, Can-Do Reputation:  Look for opportunities to help others and add value.  Keep communications positive.  Avoid being part of the rumor mill at work.


Whether you are new to your job or have a long tenure in your role, continue to proactively build your internal network.  Reach out to new coworkers and make them feel welcome.  Who knows when a networking connection may come in handy?   The people you meet today may lead you to new opportunities tomorrow! 











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