Walden Student Success Story: Education

In reading the news about the economy and the current job market, it’s terrific to share good news with a Walden student’s success story on our blog. I met Lilly in person at the Lansdowne residency in December 2008. She was actively job hunting near her home, a small town in Virginia. Lilly earned her MBA from Walden last year and is currently working on her doctorate in Education. She is highly intelligent, personable, and articulate and has an excellent resume. When we met, she was working part-time as a tutor near her home and was capitalizing on her MBA to help a local restaurant develop its marketing plan.

We reviewed her resume and discussed networking strategies. As a result of our brainstorming, Lilly reported feeling more confident about her background and what she had to offer potential employers after she returned home. She became more focused on networking and talking up her goals and credentials to friends and other contacts.

Lilly sought me out at the Minneapolis residency to give me an update. She excitedly reported that she has landed two positions which are taking her career in a new direction. The first position, obtained through networking with a friend, is as an in-home care clinician working with bilingual children to help them succeed in school and cope with the challenges of growing up. She loves her work with her clients and is passionate about making a difference in their lives. The other position is with Americorps where she matches students up with volunteer opportunities on their campus. Both positions are excellent stepping stones for her new career focus.

Lilly stated that building her confidence, assessing and marketing her credentials, and networking were the keys to her successfully landing both positions. We look forward to hearing future updates of her career successes.

Written by Director of Career Services Lisa Cook

If you have a success story to share with us, please email it to: careerservices@waldenu.edu.