Walden Student Success Story – Landing Higher Education Teaching Positions

Jason W. is a doctoral student pursuing his PhD in Management with a specialization in Finance.  From the very start of his Walden program, his career goal was to pursue a teaching position in higher education.  

Jason first contacted Career Services in 2009 for assistance in converting his resume to a curriculum vitae.  His advice to others seeking higher education teaching positions is to cast a very wide net in applying.  As Jason stated, “It’s a job to get a job.”

Jason submitted applications for approximately 200 positions prior to landing a position as an adjunct instructor of business at Kentucky Community and Technical College System.  The college was starting an online business program and Jason was hired solely on the basis of his written application as he clearly met their hiring criteria.

After two years as an adjunct, Jason applied for a teaching position at Mid Continent University for a teaching position at a bricks and mortar institution.   Along with his strong curriculum vitae, his getting published, speaking at two conferences, and networking efforts were instrumental in landing a part-time teaching position there. 

 Jason got excellent teaching evaluations from Mid Continent University students and this past January, he was hired as a full-time instructor!  Jason stated that the Walden curriculum is held in high regard.  He just finished a course in Organizational Change and he is finding the course’s systems viewpoint to be very valuable in teaching undergraduate students. 

In applying for teaching positions, Jason advises, “Pursue positions you will enjoy and know the accreditation requirements of the region where you’re applying as some accrediting bodies are more strict than others.”  Also, leave no stone unturned.  Jason was approached on LinkedIn by a recruiter at a small community college in Duluth, Minnesota who tried to “lure” him there by talking up the great fishing opportunities in the land of 10,000 lakes.  But Jason couldn’t be persuaded – Kentucky is his home; his family and roots grow deep there. 

Jason’s job hunting experience has lit a spark for his dissertation topic.  He’s hoping to research the impact of higher education human resources’ recruitment cycle on an organization’s bottom line. 

We thank Jason for sharing his story and wish him the best of luck with his dissertation and his teaching career!

Written by Career Services Director Lisa Cook