Ripple Effect Beyond the K-12 Classroom

Shane is a PhD Education- Educational Technology student who was ready to take the next step in his Education career.  After 9 years’ K-12 classroom teaching experience, he applied for a Manager of Technology Integration position at an education services agency in his state.  He scheduled an appointment with Career Services to work on interviewing and salary negotiation skills, and later shared his good news:  he successfully negotiated his salary and was hired for the position!  In his prior experience as a classroom teacher, Shane helped students and coached teachers.  In his new role, he provides regional coaching to teachers at multiple school districts, and manages e-learning and K-12 virtual programs.

Prior to his interview for the Manager of Technology Integration position, Shane attended a Career Management session at a PhD Academic Residency, reviewed job search and resume resources on the Career Services Center website, created a resume that captured his accomplishments, and scheduled an individual career advising appointment to discuss interviewing skills.  Shane indicated that the salary negotiation advice he received during his appointment helped him negotiate a higher salary during the interview process.  To prepare for a potential offer, he researched salary ranges using,, and other online sites.  He then articulated how he could add value to the organization based on his experience and skills. 

Shane’s experience at Walden has brought him closer to his overall mission of improving education through technology.  He has a “drive to implement the social change mission” and is involved in volunteer e-learning projects in Guatemala where he helps develop online programs for teachers.  Prior to Walden, Shane made an impact as a teacher at one public school; now his impact is felt by students and teachers in his community and beyond.

Written by Career Services Advisor,  Dina Bergren