Book Review: Put Your Mindset to Work

Book Review: Put Your Mindset to Work: The One Asset You Really Need to Win and Keep the Job You Love Authors: James Reed and Paul G. Stoltz, Ph.D.

Do you wonder what employers look for in a job candidate? What if we told you that standing out to an employer can be as simple as having the right mindset? Recruitment specialist James Reed and Dr. Paul G. Stoltz co-authored the book “Put Your Mindset to Work”. In this book, Reed and Stoltz reveal that employers are most interested in candidates who have a certain mindset — regardless of their skill set.

In addition to how well you communicate with others and what your transferable skills are, your mindset matters more than you think. This book provides essential information for individuals in all stages of their career management. Reed and Stoltz have conducted research and focused in on what employers are seeking when they hire, retain, and promote employees.

I found especially interesting their proposal that “we are a part of ‘Generation Global’- a generation more defined by THE age rather than YOUR age” (Reed & Stoltz, 2011, p.11) In this age there are many people returning to school or making career transitions in their lives, so staying up to date on trends in your field is important. Anyone can do anything they put their mindset to.

Reed and Stoltz (2011) highlight what they call the 3G Mindset:
•Global: “This is about openness to new experiences and new ideas as well as the ability to make new connections and create new combinations” (p.95). Can you think big picture? Are you a relationship builder? How curious and flexible are you?
•Good: “It is about seeing and approaching the world in a way that truly benefits those around you” (p. 131). Are you honest, loyal, sincere, and dependable?
•Grit: “It spurs you on when others give up and gives you the grip you need to forge ahead. Grit proves that anyone can come out on top” (p. 159). How well do you persevere in difficult times to come out on top?

In summary, a hiring manager may have various candidates with the skill set, but what about the mindset? Do you have the drive to succeed? Highlighting your mindset can set you apart from the rest. Take an inventory of your own 3G mindset; it might be the edge that you are missing.

Written by Career Services Advisor, Andrea Obrycki