Three Tips for Making Your LinkedIn Profile More Visible and Strengthening Your Professional Brand

Nancy J. Bell, a Walden alumnus in the field of public health, recently earned the distinction of having her LinkedIn profile in the top 10% of the most frequently viewed LinkedIn profiles in 2012! 

Since your LinkedIn profile is an important part of your professional branding campaign, I asked Nancy to share strategies that contributed to her success. 

Nancy shared the following tips with the Walden Career Services Center LinkedIn Group:

1. I visit my groups and take part in conversations, provide information, ask poignant questions and give positive feedback when I can to those in my network.

2. I developed a blog site and invite people to visit my blogs, on a variety of topics, as the occasion arises.  I have posted the LinkedIn groups who may be interested in hearing the information I have to offer. Interacting with people and showing interest in them often stimulates an interest in you.

3. I have a selection of groups/individuals I follow on LinkedIn and when I see their discussions posted, if I share an interest in the topic, I try to contribute something meaningful to what they are presenting. (I was surprised when the CEO of LinkedIn viewed my profile the day I commented on one of his discussions.) It is very cool to be recognized, acknowledged and supported. Keep it positive and constructive and use good manners. You never know who is reading your ideas, so make them all be proper professionally.

Many thanks to Nancy for sharing these valuable tips!

Written by Career Services Director Lisa Cook