Building Connections and Confidence to Land a Field Experience Site

How can you tap into the power of your network? Many times, your second (or third) degree connections make the difference in your career. Tara, a M.S. in Clinical Psychology student at Walden, found a practicum site by sharing her goals with family members. Tara’s self-employed father conversed with one of his clients who recently completed a psychology practicum. The client contacted Tara, shared her experience, and connected Tara with a potential site supervisor who invited her to an interview.

In the past, Tara interviewed at several sites and was not selected, causing her to lose confidence and motivation. Career Services helped her re-focus on her strengths, apply techniques to reduce nervousness, and utilize the following career resources to build effective interviewing skills:
• Archived webinars on “Interviewing” and “Marketing Yourself for Field Experience Opportunities” :
• Interview Prep in OptimalResume:
• Interviewing Resources:

To prepare for her big day, Tara asked a family member to conduct a mock interview with her. She practiced answering difficult questions, marketing her qualifications, and educating her interviewer on the quality of Walden’s programs. Through this process, she gained confidence in her knowledge and skills, and received feedback and encouragement in a comfortable, non-threatening environment. When it was time for the actual interview, Tara put her best foot forward, impressed her interviewers, and got an offer. She now embarks on a new chapter of her career journey!

Written by Career Services Advisor Dina Bergren