JumpStart Your Brand

Did you know your professional brand impacts how others perceive you?  If you have yet to identify your brand, you can create and manage your brand at any point in your career journey.  Whether you are job searching, seeking advancement, or simply managing your career, it is always important to promote and strengthen your brand. 

How do I identify my brand?

  • Make a list of your strengths, values, personal attributes, qualifications, and passions related to your career field.  How do these qualities make you unique from other professionals in your field?
  • Keep your audience in mind— what are the qualities they seek?  
  • Develop a tagline for yourself without using a job title.

How can I develop and enhance my brand?

  • Create an elevator pitch highlighting your brand and use this when networking and interviewing.
  • Take your brand online by creating a professional website, blog, or Twitter account.
  • Utilize LinkedIn by joining groups in your career field and contributing to discussions.
  • Present at local conferences or submit articles for newsletters.
  • Be a mentor to showcase your brand and expertise.

What branding resources are available?

Now that you are on your way to becoming a branding expert, which of these taglines is stronger?

  1. Experienced Project Manager
  2. Accomplished Project Manager known for educating clients and bridging project gaps. 

Written by Career Services Advisor Andrea Obrycki