JumpStart Your CV and Academic Job Search

Are you interested in pursuing a career in academia, perhaps  in higher ed teaching, administration, or consulting?  The Career Services Center provides many Higher Education/Online Learning resources including professional associations, job banks, and LinkedIn Groups:  http://careercenter.waldenu.edu/1006.htm

 As you explore opportunities in higher education, consider the following questions:  

  • What key skills and qualifications are required for the position (s) you’re targeting?
  • What colleges/universities have a need for your expertise?
  • Who is employed in your future role and what can you learn from their experience?

As you apply for positions in academia, colleges and universities may ask for your curriculum vita (CV).  A CV is an academic-style resume that highlights your professional activities and accomplishments.  The Career Services Center offers many resources to help you create a stellar CV:

What activities can you engage in at work, in your community, and/or at Walden to help build your CV?  A few ideas include delivering presentations, submitting articles for publication, engaging in volunteer activities, and assuming leadership roles.

Would you like to learn additional tips and strategies? Watch the following archived webinars and listen to expert advice from Career Services staff, faculty and alumni:  http://careercenter.waldenu.edu/921.htm

  • Building Your Academic Reputation in Higher Education
  • Creating Your Curriculum Vita:  A Building Block to Your Future
  • How to Get a Job Teaching Online

Whether you are transitioning into higher education or taking the next step in your academic career, don’t wait until the end of your program to get started!  Use the many resources Career Services offers to help you reach your goal. 

Written by Career Services Advisor Dina Bergren