Leveraging Temporary Work for Long-Term Career Success

Are you attempting to transition into a new field but lack hands-on experience?  Wondering how to close your qualification gaps?  Temporary work through staffing firms can be a stepping stone to full-time employment.  Jemal is a M.S. in Human Services student who leveraged temporary work to transition from retail into healthcare administration.  He shares his story with us:

The path to temporary employment.
A former colleague and friend posted a Provider Enrollment position on social media.   Jemal was interested in this opportunity and decided to contact the company directly.  When he inquired about the opening, the company referred him to the staffing firm they used to fill positions. 

New skills to increase marketability.
Jemal interviewed with the staffing firm, expressed his interest in working for the target company, and landed the temporary position where he gained knowledge and skills in healthcare administration.  Though this position, he learned how to process health insurance forms, manage the medicaid application process, and decipher medical terminology.

Steps toward full-time employment.
After 7 months at his temporary assignment, Jemal started searching for full-time positions where he could apply his new skills.  He decided to apply for a Patient Services Coordinator opening and contacted Career Services for resume and interviewing tips.  After his career advising appointment, he visited the Career Services website and utilized the Interviewing page to develop a strong introduction, highlight his skills in healthcare administration, and confidently address common interview questions such as, “Tell me a little about yourself.”

The skills Jemal gained through his temporary position, his interview preparation, and networking efforts, helped him land a full-time position as a Patient Services Coordinator.

The next career chapter.
Jemal is continuing to hone his healthcare administration skills in scheduling, prescription refills, in-depth medical terminology, and health insurance options.  His next goal is to become a Health and Medical Services Manager, which requires several years of experience. 

Jemal shares the following words of wisdom with Walden students who are transitioning fields,” Stay committed.  I used to feel I was ready to give up, then I jumped in headstrong [into the job search] and started to believe there was something in it for me.” 

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Written by Dina Bergren, Senior Career Services Advisor