Interview Preparation Leads to Job Offer

Do you want to strengthen your interviewing skills? Curtis had sent out 20 applications for a higher education teaching position and had six interviews with no offers when he reached out to Career Services for help with preparing for his next interview.

His qualifications include his enrollment in the Ph.D. in Psychology with a specialization in Social Psychology program and his Psychology from Walden.  He also has 15 years of experience as a Violence Prevention Coordinator on a college campus where he worked to prevent sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence. He also has three years of experience as an adjunct instructor.

So what did he do differently to prepare for his 7th interview that resulted in an offer?

  • He used the OptimalResume Interview Prep tool on the Career Services website to prepare. He practiced answering behavioral type questions and then watched the recording with a critical eye. He said: “by listening to the recording I realized I was not fully answering the questions.”  So each time he practiced, he focused on improving his presentation to show confidence and give a complete yet concise answer with examples.
  • For each interview, he was required to give a short, approximately 15 minute, teaching presentation on a topic related to his field. For his 7th interview, he practiced his presentation to show his style, ability to convey information, and connect with his audience. He also prepared to answer questions about the content of his presentation.
  • He prepared questions to learn more about the students and their expectations of the instructors.
  • His interview was over Skype, so he made sure that his surroundings were appropriate.
  • After the interview, he sent the interview panel an email with links to samples showing his use of social media and YouTube as an instructional tool.
  • The human resources representative told Curtis that it was helpful that his references were able to speak about and confirm his accomplishments on his curriculum vita.

We wish Curtis the very best in his new position!

For resources on strengthening your interviewing skills check out the following:

Written by Career Services Advisor, Denise Pranke