Career Transition into Education Technology

Ashley is a Ph.D. in Education−Educational Technology student who landed a position as an Assistant Manager of a county library technology center.   When she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, she never expected that someday she would teach technology courses and design training programs for over 200 library staff and thousands of library visitors.  Like many of us, Ashley’s career evolved as she gained new skills and shared her knowledge with others.  Ashley’s career path unfolded through the following phases:

Plunge into a New Career:   Ashley received a tip from a networking contact that Apple was hiring in her area.  She attended the event, interviewed, and was hired for an entry level Service Specialist position where she sold and set up electronic devices for customers.

Career Advancement:   Ashley honed her expertise at Apple and began training customers on advanced features.  She enjoyed seeing customers’ progress as she demonstrated new technology “tricks.”

Finding Purpose:   Ashley started volunteering at a local library where she provided technical support for visitors.  She was surprised by the number of visitors who had limited computer knowledge and no computer access in their homes.  She enjoyed helping them navigate the internet, use applications, and research information.

Tapping into Walden’s Career Resources:  Ashley enrolled in the Ph.D. in Education−Educational Technology program and attended her first residency where she met with a career advisor, gained resume tips, and learned career management strategies.  She continued engaging in her career by reading the Career Services blog, and attended Career Services’ Resume and LinkedIn Cafes.

Acing the Interview:   Reading Success Stories on the Career Services blog inspired Ashley to take her next career step.  She applied for the Assistant Manager position at the county library, was selected for an interview, and scheduled an appointment with Career Services to practice her interviewing skills.  Ashley commented, “Before career coaching, I was talking all about Apple.  I found it hard to talk about myself and my brand.”  Career Services helped Ashley communicate her brand as a technology specialist, trainer, and library volunteer.

Ashley encourages Walden students to maximize university resources, contact advisors, attend webinars, and actively engage in their learning.  We wish her the best as she pursues her passion for helping individuals access and master new technologies.

Are you ready for your career to unfold?  Follow Ashley’s advice and check out the following resources:

Written by Senior Career Services Advisor, Dina Bergren