Career Services Networking Workshop Brings New Meaning to Job Search Process

Gary, a Walden DBA student who is actively seeking employment, attended the Career Services Networking session at the recent Academic Residency in Atlanta,  which “energized and inspired” him to take immediate action. 

He was amazed at how he could take suggestions from one workshop and turn them into numerous opportunities by immediately putting them to work – even during the workshop.  Gary commented on how the workshop was motivating for him as it focused on setting realistic goals and then taking action.  Then, he said, “it added the dimension of tying in colleagues as part of developing a community.  The energy in the room was great, and the Walden community of scholar-practitioners readily offered assistance to one another during the workshop.  Many of us who connected at the workshop have been communicating back and forth several times since the workshop, which was less than a month ago.”

Gary found the suggestions provided during the workshop “inspiring and action oriented.”  This is evident in the immediate steps Gary has taken to put his new networking strategies to work.

He learned that placing one’s networking focus on the “pay it forward” mentality, which emphasizes sharing one’s knowledge and skills with others, will, in turn, pay us back in so many meaningful ways.

  •  A fellow Walden student and new-found friend of Gary’s from the workshop, forwarded his name to a national recruiter.  After the residency, Gary followed up by contacting the recruiter and setting up a telephone interview, and was asked to forward his resume as a result.
  •  Immediately following the residency, he scheduled an appointment with Walden Career Services Advisor, Nicolle Skalski, to review his resume and get tips and advice on his job search.
  •  Gary created a LinkedIn profile, which he has enhanced dramatically, and has become a key promotional tool for his job search. 
  • Gary now has 51 connections and has joined several groups.  He has added two apps, which include a slide share presentation and his personal book recommendations highlighted through his Amazon Reading list.  He has also elaborated on his professional experience and areas of expertise to give prospective contacts and employers a closer look at his brand.

 Gary is proof that networking can be approached from so many angles, and many times yields immediate results.  Career Services encourages students to take advantage of our personalized services, online resources and upcoming webinars. 

Stay tuned for our next webinar Thursday, June 17th, on“Maximizing LinkedIn for Your Network and Job Search” at 2 pm EST.  Please check your waldenu email account for your invite – hope you can join us!

Written by Career Services Advisor Nicolle Skalski

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