International Networking and Marketing: A Recipe for Success

Anita’s dream is to someday teach and live in London, England.  As an AMDS student living in California, Anita sought assistance from Career Services to help her advance in meeting her goal.  We improved her curriculum vitae (CV) and researched London business schools.  At the same time, Anita continued to build her face-to-face and virtual networking connections using LinkedIn and Facebook.  Recently we received an update from Anita:  she was asked to present at a National Women’s History Month conference in London on the topic of Financial Security for Women!

Career Services helped Anita by improving her marketing materials and researching organizations and universities abroad.  We reorganized her CV, highlighted relevant teaching experience, and discussed international CVs.  Subsequently, Anita was well equipped to apply for national and international opportunities. 

How was Anita able to present at a conference in London?  She connected with a member of the professional networking site, LinkedIn.  They connected through common, professional interests and communicated almost daily.  Through several different networking contacts, Anita was connected with a marketing director at a private organization in London.  The marketing director reviewed Anita’s newly revamped CV and forwarded it to Human Resources.  In this way, Anita was able to connect with recruiters in London without ever meeting any of the individuals who helped her get there.  Not only did Anita gain the opportunity to travel to London to present at the conference, but one of her networking contacts in London is now planning to deliver a workshop with her in the U.S.

Networking connections can lead to new opportunities and collaborations.  With increasing numbers of people connecting through professional networking sites, professional relationships are not limited by geographic borders.   A combination of strong marketing materials and diverse connections is a recipe for career success!

Written by Career Services Advisor Dina Bergren

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