Walden MPA Alumnus Enjoys Online Teaching

Enid is a Walden University graduate with a master’s degree in Public Administration.  She recently contacted Career Services to thank us for help with her resume as it helped her land an online teaching position teaching undergraduate students about cultural diversity.

Enid stated that she had applied for a position with the same university before and had not had any luck.  Then she contacted Career Services and we broadened her experience to focus more on her area of expertise – developing and delivering cultural diversity training to adults, rather than her specific audience, which was police officers.  Her newly revised resume, which highlighted her subject matter expertise and transferable skills in training adults, gained her an interview and she was hired to teach online.   She stated that her online degree from Walden also was important as she knew the needs and concerns of online learners.

Enid is busy managing a “patchwork quilt career” now.  She wears three hats – as a Staff Analyst for her city’s police department delivering EEO training, as an online instructor teaching undergraduate students in cultural diversity, and as an Avon representative.  She loves teaching and is pleased that earning her MPA degree from Walden gained her a promotion encompassing greater responsibility with the police department.   She is also developing her professional network through maintaining membership in the Walden University LinkedIn group and joining the National Association for Professional Women.

We thank Enid for getting back in touch with us to share her success story with the goal of inspiring other students interested in online teaching.  We wish her the best of luck!

Lisa Cook, Director of Career Services

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