The Power of Your LinkedIn Profile

In a recent conversation with recruiter Debbie Passalacqua, Career Services gained insight on the power of your LinkedIn profile.  A good profile starts with an impactful headline.  As Debbie stated, “Your headline should be a catchy phrase, not just your job title.”  “This is what catches the eye of others.”  Right now there are many passive job seekers out there, and you want to highlight how you add value to future employers.  You can do this by adding one or two key bullet points under each job that emphasize your “wow factor”, or what you did to improve the organization.

You can also spark curiosity and stand out by creating a personal website. ( is a free tool you can use to build a website, or consider building a personal website through Walden Career Services OptimalResume (  Differentiate yourself with these social media tools by highlighting your achievements and accomplishments.  The details of your job experiences are opportunities for you to “show not tell” what you did.  Highlight the detail of the differences you made and how you contributed to the organizational mission.

Another key take-away from our conversation is that you should “find the person who has the job you want, and join the groups that they are engaged in.”  Paralleling your LinkedIn profile and presence to others in your field is a great way to stay competitive and on top of trends.  Groups are an essential way for you to create a broader presence on LinkedIn, grow your network, and brand yourself.  Also, recruiters have a presence in LinkedIn groups and you may catch someone’s eye by a discussion you started!

The topic of resumes also came up in talking with Debbie.  In reviewing a resume she immediately focuses on: your name and address (to see if you are in the area), work experience timeline, and the jobs you have held, which confirm you are qualified for the job.  In addition, Debbie suggested that objective statements are out-of-date.  “Use a profile section highlighting:  1) Who I am as a worker? 2) What have I proven as a worker? 3) What relevant technical skills do I bring to the specific position I am applying for?”

LinkedIn has proven itself as the #1 online professional networking tool and can truly be an asset to your career management and job search.  We hope you are able to put this information to good use and enhance your LinkedIn profile!

 Written by Career Services Advisor Andrea Obrycki