Walden’s Global Day of Service

Did you participate in Walden’s Global Day of Service?  Our Career Services staff did!  Last year we volunteered with Impact Lives, an organization that supports global humanitarian efforts.  We enjoyed our time so much that we reconnected and volunteered with their partner, Hope for the City, for this year’s event.  Hope for the City is a nonprofit that supplies food and equipment to partner organizations in the Twin Cities community.

Upon arriving at Hope for the City, we learned that General Mills had generously donated 64 large (482 pounds each!) boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal to be packaged into 14-oz. bags.  We quickly put on hairnets and plastic gloves, learned how to operate the heat sealer, and got to work!  It took 5 minutes to get into a routine, but after 2 hours, we had packaged roughly 130 bags of cereal.  The bags will then go to partner organizations for distribution to residents in need.Image

We were happy to take part in Walden’s Global Day of Service!

Written by Career Services Advisor Andrea Obrycki