Finding the Central Core in Daily Work

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Almost everyone has encountered the following question in social situations:  “What do you do?”  In my role as Associate Director of Career Services at Walden University,  I have had many opportunities to reflect on this question according to the professional “hats” I wear (e.g., trainer, presenter, content developer, project manager, career coach, and website manager).  I have also developed a professional mission statement that reflects my passion for helping mid-career adults “build resilience, embrace change, and find inspiration in their work, education, and lives.”

Recently I asked myself a difference question:
What is at the CENTRAL CORE of my daily work?

Without hesitation, my answer is:  students.


Walden University students are mid-career professionals with extensive life experiences.  They are diverse, dedicated and determined to make a difference in their lives, in their communities, and (for many) on a global scale.  During my nine years at Walden University, I have had the privilege of working with thousands of students from all over the world.  My motivation for designing training materials; organizing webinar programs with expert panelists; coaching on job search, resume writing, LinkedIn, and interviewing skills; and helping students navigate career transitions is driven by the knowledge that I can make an impact on students’ career success.

In Career Services, we often advise students, “Show, Don’t Tell.”  I would like to show why Walden students inspire me through two recent projects.  Following are a virtual interview and a blog story:

Career Spotlight:  Promoting Social Change as a Program Director

Walden University Career Services Blog Article:  Landing an International Volunteer Position with the United Nations

(For additional career stories, visit the Career Spotlights page or read the Walden University Career Services Blog)

My work is evidence of my passion for bringing out the best in adult learners.  What is the CENTRAL CORE of your work?

Written by Dina Bergren, Associate Director of Career Services

Dina Bergren