Game-changing Tips to Boost Your Higher Ed Job Search

What does it take to land your first higher ed teaching job?  Bridgette, a Walden DBA student and business professional who recently landed two adjunct teaching positions, would tell you to get the right information before starting your search.  She shares how she shifted her mindset to tackle the higher ed hiring process:

Change Your Game Plan

Bridgette initially approached her job search by hiring a resume service to create a generic CV.  This strategy did not yield results.  She became frustrated and discouraged due to the lack of response from employers until she visited Chronicle Vitae, a powerful networking site for academics and researchers.  On this site, she watched a webinar on CV writing and realized her document required substantial improvements.  She contacted Walden Career Services and scheduled an appointment for a CV review to help strengthen her format, condense her experience, and emphasize skills attractive to employers.

Get Informed

As a defined benefits analyst and client coordinator working in a HR Consulting business environment, Bridgette was unfamiliar with the recruiting, selection, and hiring process in higher education.  Working with Career Services, she revised her CV and learned tips to navigate the job search process.  She also tapped into Career Services’ website resources, including the Doctoral Resources page, CV Guide, and OptimalResume’s CV Samples.

Navigate the Hiring Process

Her tailored CV and diligent preparation attracted employers.  When an online university expressed interest in hiring her as a business school instructor, she reached out to Career Services for advice on salary negotiation and what to expect during new instructor training.  A couple of weeks later, a local college asked her to stop by to complete her human resources paperwork, take a tour, and get her syllabi and books for the two courses she will be teaching this fall.  The advice she received from Career Services helped her build confidence and avoid unnecessary mishaps during the hiring process.

Bridgette encourages Walden students who are seeking higher ed positions to save time and effort by reaching out to Career Services.  She states, “Regardless of whether you are advancing your current career or changing careers, Walden Career Services should be your first point of contact.  Walden Career Services provides ‘game-changing’ advice and current industry information.”  We wish Bridgette success as she starts her teaching career.

Need to boost your higher ed job search?  Visit our “one-stop” Doctoral Resources page to get started.

 Written by Dina Bergren, Associate Director of Career Services

Dina Bergren