Walden’s Military Services Team Supports Military-Connected Students

VeteransDaythank you.png

In honor of Veterans Day, the Career Services Center sends a “Thank you” to all of Walden’s veteran and military-connected students for their service and our colleagues in Walden’s Military Services Department for the student support that they provide.

Walden’s Military Services team of five is dedicated and committed to supporting 5000 students through the complex process of navigating military educational benefits with all of the requisite forms and processes. When students are called for active military deployment during a term, they offer guidance on steps to manage the intersection of military and academic requirements.

The Director of Walden’s Military Services, Jon Lovald, served for 25 years in the US Army and Army National Guard. During his military career, Jon was initially trained in logistics. As his responsibility for the health, wellness, and training of up to 500 fellow soldiers increased, he was recognized for his communication and leadership skills. This recognition and his interest in the “people” side of organizations led to a transition from logistics to human resources.

When Jon left the military, he made the change to a civilian life by reaching out and connecting with former military colleagues, especially those in a leadership role, for advice. He also attended American Corporate Partners, VFW, and American Legion events, and he used LinkedIn to stay connected, build new connections, and follow organizations.

As Director of Walden’s Military Services, Jon leads a team of experts on military educational benefits and policies. Team members, Ann Tao, Fatima Benkhadda, Molly Kvam, and John Tripp, have in-depth knowledge of the distinct eligibility requirements and application processes of the different GI Bills.  In addition to assisting students directly, they educate and guide Walden staff and faculty on the unique issues and challenges faced by military-connected students.

Jon advises that all military-connected students should be sure to inform Walden of their military connection and visit the Walden Military Services website to learn more about the team and how they can support military-connected learners. For more information, visit the Walden Military Services website.

For information on transitioning from a military to a civilian career, visit the Career Services Center resources for veterans.

A special “Thank you” to Jon Lovald for his service and for sharing his story and information about Walden’s Military Services!

Written by Denise Pranke, Senior Career Services Advisor