Eleven Tips from a Corporate Recruiter

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My professional development plan includes attending monthly meetings of the professional organization, Career Planning & Adult Development (CPAD). I enjoy attending these early morning meetings the first Friday of the month and connecting with colleagues in the career development field. Last month’s CPAD speaker was a corporate recruiter who shared information on the hiring process from her perspective. Here is a summary of her advice for job seekers:

  • Focus on the requirements of the position and the company. Compare your resume to the job description, and show how you are an excellent fit.
  • Include your geographical location on your resume.
  • Include a cover letter that states the position of interest.
  • Referrals are “golden” so if you know someone at the organization, let them know you are applying for the position and ask for a recommendation.
  • LinkedIn and Indeed.com are [my] most common sources for applicants.
  • Check your “Junk” email. Important emails can go into your “Junk” folder, and by the time you see them, it may be too late.
  • Respond quickly, ideally within 4 hours; 24 hours is too long.
  • Every interaction with the recruiter is important.
  • Be prepared to verbally articulate how you are a good fit and your interest in the position.
  • Check back no more than once per week; email is best with a brief statement reminding the recruiter of your interest and your qualifications.
  • See the recruiter as a partner in the process.

Keep in mind that hiring managers expect recruiters to send them highly qualified candidates who fit the requirements of the job and culture of the organization, so the more you can show how you are an excellent fit, the higher the odds that your application will result in an interview.

For more information on career management and job search strategies, view Career Services’ Quick Start videos at http://academicguides.waldenu.edu/careerservices/quickstartvideos

Written by Denise Pranke, Senior Career Services Advisor