Meet Our New Marketing Graduate Assistant: Dan Ambrosio

photo Dan Ambrosio

Dan Ambrosio

Please join me in welcoming our new Marketing Graduate Assistant, Dan Ambrosio!  He is currently working on a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with a concentration in Marketing.  He began taking marketing courses while pursuing his MBA in international business.  Having developed a passion for marketing, particularly in the areas of health and wellness, Dan decided to further develop his skills.

While Dan is a fairly new student, he says that he has enjoyed his Walden University experience so far.  “I was fortunate enough to attend my first residency during my second week of my first course.  The residency allowed me to interact with faculty and classmates and it helped me to get a better understanding of Walden and the Doctoral program I am in.” He said, “I believe that we can all learn from one another and Walden does an excellent job of creating a challenging and rigorous academic environment.”

 One of the things that Dan likes about his new position in Career Services is learning more about our services and resources. He expressed that he hopes “to reach out to Walden students and help them as much as possible to utilize the great benefits of the Career Services Center,” and “provide students with the tools and information to help them succeed during and after their studies.”

He shares his favorite Career Services resources:

  1. Career Connections Events:  This tool allows students the opportunity to interact with students, faculty and alumni.  It is an excellent way for students to discuss aspects of their careers they may want to improve or change.
  2. OptimalResume:  Creating a powerful resume can make a big difference in a job application.  OptimalResume provides students with the resources to appeal to potential employers so that they can increase their chances of getting a job.
  3. Appointments:  Walden Career Services Staff are always available to help Walden students succeed during and after their degree.  The Career Services team will provide students with information pertaining to career options.  This is a great way to open the door to unlimited career potential!
  4. Interviewing Resources:  This is a great resource at Walden because it allows students to explore in-depth information pertaining to interview questions, tips, and preparation.  First impressions are very important which is why it is necessary to understand how interviews typically work so that you can be confident and prepared.

 Dan currently lives in Germany.  After completing his bachelor’s degree with a double major in English and German, he booked a one-way flight to Germany where he lived for over three years.  During that time, he taught business English at Inlingua Language School.  He traveled to over 18 different companies in northwestern Germany where he taught business English.  He moved back to the United States in October 2015 and lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for a year and a half, and then moved back to Germany in April 2017. Dan plans to eventually return to the US again to begin his career in marketing.  He enjoys traveling, studying, riding motorcycles, and working out.

Written by Angie Lira, Senior Career Services Advisor, and Dan Ambrosio, Career Services Graduate Assistant

photo Angie Lira      photo Dan Ambrosio