A Global Days of Service Story

Global Days of Service poster

As a Ph.D. in Human Services student at Walden University, I recently participated in a local Global Days of Service event in St. Paul, Minnesota.   First of all, I received an email inviting me to partake in a Walden University service event at Harriet Tubman, a crisis center committed to providing safety, hope, and healing to families.  I gladly responded to the email because I have been inspired to engage in service work after my experience with the organization, Feed My Starving Children, years back. Also, I have worked several years in the mental health field, which gave me an understanding of the struggles many individuals face in their lives. After registering for the event, I received an email with directions to the volunteer site, and I decided to invite my girlfriend, who is a social worker, to come along with me.

When we arrived at Harriet Tubman, we registered and took pictures in the main hall, and connected with other volunteers from the Walden community.  After refreshments, the Harriet Tubman staff introduced themselves and explained the organization’s mission.  We were then divided into several groups and assigned tasks including tending the garden, packing boxes, assembling items, and others.  I happened to choose the furniture group.  Our five group members moved furniture from a large storage area to a parking lot, for pickup by another nonprofit organization. Moving furniture was not easy, but due to our collaborative effort, we managed to complete our tasks early.  I enjoyed working with selfless people who want to contribute to their communities and people in need.

The amazing part of my volunteer experience was that the president of Walden University and faculty rolled up their sleeves and worked alongside everyone in unity.  I even had the opportunity to take photos with faculty members and the president, an experience I will cherish forever.

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Written by Ph.D. in Human Services Student, Isaac Allotey

photo Isaac

Edited by Associate Director of Career Services, Dina Bergren

photo Dina