Reflections on Global Days of Service

Global Days of Service (2)

Angie Lira, Katy Peper and Denise Pranke

On October 16, 2018, the Career Services team joined other Minneapolis staff to volunteer at Jeremiah Program, a national organization that transforms mothers and children from poverty to prosperity, two generations at a time.  This service event was organized as a part of Walden University’s Global Days of Service, supporting Walden’s commitment to positive social change.  We spent the morning beautifying Jeremiah’s Program’s outdoor and indoor spaces.  Activities involved yard work around the building, along with deep-cleaning of the kitchen and dining area.  Three members of our staff reflected on their favorite moments:

Angie and Katy (2)

Katy Peper and Angie Lira

Angie Lira:
As someone who is passionate about career development, I often tout the benefits of volunteering. My experience at the Jeremiah program reminded me just why it is so valuable. Creating an outdoor environment that mothers and children can be proud of was an uplifting use of the morning. With each weed and piece of trash removed, I felt like I was doing something that I can be proud of and that would improve the lives of residents. As a bonus, I was able to bond with coworkers and make new friends!

Katy Peper:
During our overview of what needed to be done outside at the Jeremiah Program, Marcus, the groundskeeper, noted a patch of bushes overrun with thistle plants. He stated that that area was a mess and we could work on it only if we wanted “extra credit.” Because the Jeremiah Program is for single mothers and their small children, we knew that that area was not safe for children because of all the spiny thistles.  We took on the task of clearing out the prickly plants. My favorite part of the event was knowing that we made the area a little safer and more welcoming for the kids who wanted to spend time outside.

Denise (2)

Denise Pranke

Denise Pranke:
Global Days of Service is one of my favorite times during the year. We have an opportunity to learn about programs in the community that are striving to make the world a better place. The mission of the Jeremiah Program holds a special place in my heart because of its commitment to single parents juggling the responsibilities of parenting while pursuing higher education.
After cleaning highchairs and wiping down the children’s tables, I felt delighted to think that our efforts not only made the space more pleasant but will also help prevent the spread of those Minnesota cold viruses so prevalent this time of year. With limited staff time to maintain the entire building, our help was so appreciated!

Written by the Career Services Team

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