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Do you have a favorite job or internship search site?  As you may already know, there is an abundance of websites out there to search for jobs and other experiential opportunities.  If you are looking to expand your search, we invite you to review the job search site list from Walden Career Services.  However, the bigger question we often get from students is, “How do I know what to search for?”

Let’s say you are a Walden student who needs to find a job, internship, or another experiential opportunity.  For the sake of our example, let’s say you are pursuing a Doctoral in Public Health (DrPH) degree.  Here are three steps you can take to enhance your search results:

  1. Explore potential job titles for your field. Start by visiting the WaldenU.Edu website and navigating to the Programs and Degrees tab.  Here, you can find your program and read about potential career options suggested for your degree.  For example, potential careers for DrPH may include health department director, health policy advisor, health manager, among others.  Insert these titles into search boxes to review key qualifications and requirements for these types of positions.  If you are searching for a practicum or internship, add the word intern after your field or interest area.
  2. Go deeper using keywords. Expand your searches beyond job titles to include specialized skills, interest areas, and credentials.  For example, a DrPH student may have specialized technology skills such as SPSS, Blackboard, Excel, and others.  Searching by interest areas such as global health, health policy, public health, community health, and others; can also yield results.  Finally, consider using your degree (MPH, DrPH, or others), or a certification you have earned, as search terms to locate jobs that require or prefer these credentials.
  3. Search for organizations where you would like to work or intern. Visit Career Services’ Career Exploration page, then select the “Research” button to research organizations of interest. On this page, you will find information about Reference USA, a powerful tool to identify opportunities at companies, nonprofits, healthcare organizations, and more!  Use Reference USA to create a list of your favorite organizations, then use these organizations as search terms on job and internship sites.


After you create your list of job titles, terms, and organizations in your field, you are ready to start searching.  Register on Career Services’ two custom job search systems, iGrad Job Search and GoinGlobal, to find your next opportunity!

Additional resources for finding jobs and other experiential opportunities:


Webinar setup photo Dina Written by Associate Director of Career Services, Dina Bergren