Make Time for Kindness This Week

Hopefully, all of you had the opportunity to spread a little love this weekend. Let’s keep the positive energy going! Walden’s student organizationsCollege of Management and Technology, and SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society invite you to participate in 7 Days of Kindness Challenge activities February 14 through 20.

7-Day Kindness Challenge Activities

February 14: It’s Valentine’s Day so tell a friend or loved one that you love them!

February 15: Email, text, snail mail, or call someone you have been out of touch with to let them know that you have been thinking of them!

February 16: Resist the urge to complain or say something snarky!

February 17: Your choice of something you would like to do that reflects kindness!

February 18: Offer to help a family member, student, friend, neighbor, coworker, etc.!

February 19: Share encouraging words with

someone who is struggling (student, coworker, family member, neighbor, etc.)!

February 20: Practice self-compassion today (exercise, take a nap, meditate, get outside, etc.)! Reflect on your kindness activities.

You may find that a few small acts of kindness can spread – inspiring others to practice gratitude, breaching the digital distance, and boosting the morale of your whole team. Take a few moments this week to slow down and increase the wellness of your community. You can even use the message templates below to get started sharing encouragement, appreciation, and goodwill.

Written by Angie Lira, Associate Director of Digital Products and Services