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Did you know that Walden University offers a job board where employers and members of the Walden community can share job openings with Walden students and graduates?  Career Planning and Development recently added the Walden Job and Internship Locator to our website’s Job and Internship Search page.  Ready to explore the new job board?  Here are a few ways to get started:

Job Seekers

Search for Jobs and Other Opportunities:
Whether you are actively searching for a new job or preparing for a career move in the future, we invite you to use the Walden Job and Internship Locator to search for jobs, internships, fellowships, and volunteer opportunities based on your specific criteria.  You can also narrow down your searches by location and the type of position you are seeking (full-time, part-time, short-term, or remote only).  The system will aggregate a list of general postings, along with Walden-exclusive postings that appear at the top of the list. On the Job and Internship Locator’s homepage, you can view a map of jobs posted exclusively for Walden University students and graduates, along with a list of Featured Employers.

Create a Job Seeker Account:
Take a few minutes to register on the job board.  Include a professional-looking photo, upload a polished resume, and sign up to receive job alerts based on the types of positions you are seeking.  If your resume needs work, Career Planning and Development offers the OptimalResume/SkillsFirst system with 500+ resume templates to help you build or strengthen your resume before you share it with employers.  Take advantage of both of these robust career management tools. For additional resume support, you can also schedule a career advising appointment.

Be Proactive: 
Check the job board often for new listings, modify your search criteria to align with your evolving career interests and needs, and keep your resume up to date with new skills and achievements. Consider using the Walden Job and Internship Locator as a career research tool and create a list of your favorite employers.  Even if an employer is not currently hiring for the specific position you are seeking, they may be hiring in the future. Take the time to visit employers’ websites to learn more about their mission, departments, employees, and jobs.  Being proactive and intentional in your searches can help you uncover organizations and positions that are a good fit for your skillset and interests.

Walden Community Members and Employers

Register as an Employer:
Are you a Walden student or alumnus/alumna who works for an organization or owns a business that is hiring?  We invite you to register on the Walden Job and Internship Locator!  Refer to the Get Started Guide for Employers for step-by-step instructions on how to register, create an employer profile, and start posting jobs, internships, fellowships, and other types of opportunities exclusively for Walden students and alumni.

Share the Walden Job and Internship Locator with Others
Tell others about the Walden Job and Internship Locator and Career Planning and Development’s other job search tools.  If you are currently employed, share the link to our job board within your organization.  We welcome all employers and job postings that meet Walden’s employer recruitment policy.

The Walden Job and Internship Locator is one of many resources and offerings you will find on the Career Planning and Development website.  Take a moment to explore the site and read additional articles on the Walden University Career Planning and Development blog to gear up for your job search:

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Written by Dina Bergren, Associate Director, Department of Career Planning and Development