Building a Personal Brand as a Higher Education Instructor

Analeah is a Licensed Social Worker who is pursuing a PhD in Human Services at Walden University. In 2011, she taught a social work course at a local university where she discovered her passion for online teaching.

During her Virtual PhD Academic Residency, Analeah met with a Career Services Advisor to review her Curriculum Vitae (CV). Career Services provided advice on how to re-structure her document, clarified her career goals, and helped her target employment opportunities in higher education. With her interests in e-learning and adult education, Analeah applied for an Associate Faculty position with an online university and landed an opportunity to teach eight undergraduate courses in Human Services and Sociology!

Analeah scheduled follow up appointments with Career Services to work on her LinkedIn profile, enhance her networking skills, and re-brand herself for higher ed positions. After watching the Career Services webinar, “Maximizing LinkedIn for Your Network and Job Search” and improving her profile, she connected with a colleague from her local university based on their common interests. This connection through social media eventually led to teaching an additional course and a new collaboration with her supervisor to create lecture materials in a webinar format.

Analeah is excited about her recent teaching opportunities and e-learning projects. She believes that assistance and support from the Career Services Center played a significant role in her career advancement. Her efforts to re-brand herself through her application materials and social media helped clarify her career direction, identify her areas of expertise, and highlight her newly acquired skills. We wish her a very successful career as a higher ed instructor and course developer!

Written by Career Services Advisor Dina Bergren