Trust in Yourself and Build Your Future


Yosr Elsobky is a PhD in Clinical Psychology student who immigrated to the United States from Egypt in 2010.  She shares the challenges she faced after moving to the United States and how she found hope and inspiration through the support, knowledge, and resources she received at Walden University.

A Personal Journey

When I first immigrated to the United States from Egypt in 2010, I applied to my first job at Dunkin’ Donut where I worked as a cashier.  After this position, I worked at Walmart in the bakery department.  These positions did not allow me to use my mind or apply creative thoughts to solve problems.  Back in Egypt, I held a master’s degree in social work.  In the U.S., I also wanted to learn and grow as a person.  I decided to go back to school and complete my master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology at another university.  However, I was unable to apply my degree fully because I did not have prior experience in I/0 Psychology.   I landed a position as a Direct Support Professional at a large organization; however, my employer was not aligned with my values and ethics in serving patients and I ended up resigning.  At this time, I was also experiencing personal challenges in my life that caused me to reflect on my goals and purpose.  I heard about Walden University through an advisor at the university I attended for my I/O degree.  I decided to enroll in Walden’s PhD in Clinical Psychology program.

Finding Inspiration and Support

At Walden, I found people who believed in me and I started to believe in myself. The support and guidance I received helped me succeed in my program and understand my own challenges.  My faculty, Dr. Renee Sullivan, took the time to show me my mistakes in writing and helped me organize my thoughts.  She also engaged with us in the class café more than anyone else and this helped us get to know each other.  Her extra efforts and attention helped me understand and overcome my limitations in writing.  Other Walden faculty, including Dr. Lucille Esralew, shared their experience with me; Dr. Esralew’s kindness and patience helped me learn and grow as a student.  The academic residency staff and my Student Success Advisor, Mr. Prentice Moore, helped me achieve my dream of pursuing a doctoral degree and increased my self-confidence.  Through their support, I was able to find a field I am passionate about.

Building a Career Path

At Walden, I used the resources available to me through the Career Services website to research career options, jobs, and organizations in my county.  I used the OptimalResume system to build cover letters, resumes, and a career portfolio.  Career Services’ volunteering resources helped me find volunteer work in areas of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  After that, I started to apply for jobs and found that companies wanted me.  I found a position as an Applied Behavior Specialist where I now work with clients on the Autism Spectrum.  I implement behavior interventions, use data to increase skills, and track clients’ progress.  As I explore disciplines of psychology, my goal is to continue working with clients and to someday work in higher education.

At Walden, I learned to trust myself and use the resources that are available to me to prepare for my future.  I am doing work I enjoy and learning what I love.

Yosr Elsobky Contributed by PhD in Clinical Psychology Student, Yosr Elsobky

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