Joining a Student Organization & Honor Society at Walden is a Valuable Experience

Joining a Student Organization & Honor Society at Walden is a Valuable Experience-2

Joining a student organization or honor society is a great starting point for you to get more involved at Walden and can impact your student experience, career and other activities in a significant way.  Between providing resources to help you navigate your student experience at Walden, to collaborating and networking with faculty and staff in a way you would not experience in a classroom, your experience as a student organization or honor society member at Walden is certain to be a valuable.

Top 5 Reasons to Join a Student Organization at Walden

#1:  Strengthen your leadership skills.

Developing and strengthening your leadership skills while you’re in school can play an important role in career development.  You’ll have opportunities to learn soft skills, take initiative, think critically, motivate others, listen effectively, know-how and know-when to delegate, handle conflict, self-discipline and constantly learn.

#2:  Connect and network with university administrators, faculty, staff and peers

Pursuing a degree online can feel isolating.  Joining a student organization at Walden will connect you with University administrators, faculty, staff and peers outside of the classroom.  You’ll have opportunities to form relationships that will help you reach your potential and build your network to help you get the job of your dreams.

#3:  Expand your CV/Resume

Gaining experience in extra-curriculars is important.  Giving back and getting involved at your University in extra-curriculars is a great way to impress your future employers.  One way to upgrade your resume is to show that you have launched a student organization.  If you are interested in launching a student organization at Walden, please contact the Office of Student Organizations at

#4:  Engage with diverse groups of people

There are many unique things about being involved in an online student organization, but one of my favorites is that students have many opportunities to experience diversity.  Exposure to a diverse group of people and perspectives outside of the classroom is an opportunity for you to boost your professional development.

#5:  Give back to the community

At Walden, each of the student organizations and honor societies are tasked with participating or leading an annual social change project.  For example, the Walden Virtual Fulbright Chapter brought together scholar-practitioners from Canada and the United States to cultivate the essence of Fulbright through an educational pilot with students in grades 9-12 in Haiti.

BONUS: You’ll have fun!
Julie Written by Director, Student Organizations & Planning, Julie Ogren, M.A.